You may have noticed recent trail closures along the Towpath Trail in Massillon just south of our Lake Avenue store, due to an ongoing federal levee project. Here are our suggestions for navigating the closed portions. Please exercise caution, especially when riding on roads.


If you'd like more information on this and future Towpath closures, please contact:

Stark Parks

5712 12th St. NW
Canton, OH 44708


Monday-Friday, 8am - 4:30pm

If you're traveling south:

  1. Exit the Lake Avenue Trailhead parking lot and turn LEFT onto Lake Avenue.

  2. Cross the bridge and turn LEFT onto Third Street.

  3. Continue on Third Street for about 0.5 miles until the street ends at Cherry Road.

  4. Turn LEFT onto Cherry Road and cross back over the bridge.

  5. At the intersection of Cherry and Rte 21, take a RIGHT to get back onto the Towpath heading south. Do not cross Rte. 21!

If you're traveling north:

  1. At Cherry Road, turn LEFT, crossing over the bridge.

  2. Just past the bridge, turn RIGHT onto Third Street.

  3. Continue on Third Street for about 0.5 miles.

  4. Turn RIGHT onto Lake Avenue.

  5. Cross over the bridge and turn RIGHT to enter the Lake Avenue Trailhead parking lot. If you reach the Rte. 21 traffic light, you've gone too far!

  6. Hop on the Towpath, which runs along the Lake Avenue parking lot, and head north!

Towpath Detour Map Aug 2021.png