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Want to connect with others who are passionate about cycling, or just love to take a weekend spin with some friendly folks? Whether you're a serious rider or a weekend cruiser, there's a local organization for you! Check out these groups, which meet for regular rides.
Akron Bicycle Club
Membership required.
A recreational bicycle touring club based in Akron whose members range from beginning riders to seasoned cyclists, children to senior citizens. Membership fees are $30 per individual and $35 per family. Group rides are held Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, with faster rides on Saturdays.
Folks on Spokes
Open group.
A non-profit bicycle touring club located in Jackson Township, dedicated to providing group riding at a moderate, comfortable pace. No one is ever left behind to ride alone. Great group for beginners or the more experienced cyclist wishing to ride in a fun group setting.

Northeast Ohio Activities

Open group.

A Facebook group for local cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts who meet to ride together. All ages and abilities are welcome.


Stark County Bicycle Club

Membership suggested.

A group for bicycling enthusiasts, with regularly scheduled rides in the Stark County area. Membership is $20 per individual and $28 per family. A full ride calendar with route descriptions is available here.

Cleveland Area Mountain Biking Association (CAMBA)

Membership suggested.

Less a cycling group and more a central hub of information and activism for Northeast Ohio MTB riders, CAMBA shares info about trails and trail conditions, hosts group rides, organizes trail build and cleanup days, and has all the info you need about riding eMTB, too. Their list of local trails is informative and excellent.

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