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Here at Ernie's we've been taking care of bikes and their riders since 1978. We work on ALL makes and models, no matter where or when they were purchased. Plus, we offer the fastest flat-tire repair in town! Need something more: a squeak investigated, a hub rebuilt, shifters adjusted, or disc brake bled? We have à la carte repair services, all performed by our highly qualified crew of mechanics. Give us a call or stop by. Estimates are always free.

dog bike bicycle repair service


Planning a move? Going on vacation, but can't bear to leave your bike at home? We understand! Ernie's offers competitively priced pack-and-ship services via BikeFlights. All you need to do is drop your bike off, and we'll expertly pack it up and ship it out for you. Pack-and-ship estimates are always free.

bike pack ship bikeflights


If you'd like to know more about repairing your bike at home, Ernie's has you covered! We offer yearly maintenance classes for a range of expertise levels. Learn from the pros how to fix a flat, true a wheel, and much more. Bring your bike, your questions, and your friends, and get ready for the best kind of school.

bike maintenance class


If your bike needs service, but you're not able to haul it to our shop, we can help! We'll pick your bike up and deliver it when it's done. Delivery fees vary depending on location—just call your nearest Ernie's for more details.

bicycle pickup delivery


Ernie's is experienced in retrofitting bikes, trikes, and trailers for riders with special needs. (Check out our friend Haley taking a cruise on her customized trailer below!) At Ernie's, we believe biking is for everyone—and we're here to help you make that happen.

bike trailer customization


As an official ebike battery recycling location in partnership with Call2Recycle, we can accept and process the safe disposal of depleted ebike batteries (and also help you order a new one!). There's no charge for battery dropoff, although donations to help offset the cost of the program are always welcome.

ebike battery recycling.jpg


Even bikes need to hibernate! If you'd like to clear some space in your garage over the winter, or you're going out of town without your bike, let Ernie's store it for you. We'll keep it safe, dry, and clean until you're ready to ride again. We even offer winter storage + tuneup packages, so your bike can be in top-notch condition when it comes home!

bike winter storage
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