BikeFit bike sizing


Feeling sore after a ride? Good exercise can cause some "good" aches, but not all post-ride pain is the same. Sore butts and tingling palms may be a sign that your bike isn't sized correctly.


The BikeFit system is perfect for all riders, from beginners to experts. BikeFit is a laser-precise fit system made for the digital age that brings pro-level comfort and efficiency to all riders. Ernie's fit specialist can meet with you to create the fit you need to achieve peak performance AND peak comfort.

BikeFit® Focuses On:


Numbness • Positioning • Butt pain


Tingling hands • Back, neck and shoulder pain


Numb feet • Knee pain • Pedaling efficiency

Ergon Cleat


Perfect for spin participants!



Cleat Fit

Proper foot positioning and pedaling alignment.






Full Fit

Complete fit of the connection points to the bike.



 Brake levers







Meet Our BikeFit® Expert

Jeff has loved bikes for as long as he can remember, from his green Schwinn Stingray to his current Trek Roscoe 8. Jeff started working at Ernie’s in 2014 after a 30-year career as a high school band director, and became certified in BikeFit® in 2018. Fine-tuning someone’s cycling experience seemed like a natural transition after spending years fine-tuning musical performances. Come on in and let Jeff help you harmonize your cycling experience!