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Paperback, third edition. Signed by author Mark Looney!


A Path Through Ohio is a guide to riding the Ohio to Erie Trail, which connects Ohio's vibrant citiies of Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati by bike path. (You'll also pass Ernie's at the Lake Ave Trailhead in Massillon!) Originating as a Rails to Trails program, the 326-mile OTET provides travel along canal towpaths and paved train beds with a backyard view of Ohio's diverse cultures, lush scenery, and centuries of history. Wherther you're planning a day trip, an out-and-back, a multi-day, or the entire OTET, A Path Through Ohio will provide riders with a memorable preview of what Ohio has in store for them. The OTET has been designated State Route 1, and is nationally recognized as USBR 21 extending to Atlanta, GA.




Mark Looney is an accomplished endurance athlete specializing in marathons and triathlons over the past 35 years; he was also sponsored by Power Bar's "Team Elite" during many of those years. In 1980 Mark completed a solo cross-country tour that today is the benchmark for many cyclists in the United States. With a passion for the outdoors, Mark has participated in and led numerous extended backpacking adventures as a Boy Scout leader, which has added to his unique credentials as an adventure cyclist.


After many years of training and competing, Mark received the news that curtails the aspirations of numerous athletes, with a degenerative and arthritic hip diagnosis. Post-surgery, Mark returned to an earlier time when traveling by bicycle was an enjoyable pastime. As with many aging athletes, Mark has rediscovered the joy of cycling as a traveler and sharing his experiences while on a bike. Mark is currently journaling his travels around each of the Great Lakes for a future book.

A Path Through Ohio: A Cyclist's Guide to the Ohio and Erie Trail, 3rd edition

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